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'''[https://secure.cdyne.com/downloads/SPECS_SMS-Notify2.pdf SMS Notify! Specification Sheet]''' <br>
PDF document containing all SMS Notify! programming methods with request and response descriptions.
'''[http://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc?wsdl WSDL]''' <br>
An XML format document that defines SMS Notify! endpoints.
'''[http://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc/help HTTP Service Operations]''' <br>
Service operations at endpoint http://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc
'''[https://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc/SecureREST/help HTTPS Service Operations]''' <br>
Service operations at https://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc/SecureREST
'''[http://www.cdyne.com/downloads/international-sms-coverage.xls International Extended Suppported Carriers]''' <br>
Excel doc containing carriers supported worldwide. Includes destination pricing, available DIDs, carrier restrictions, and reach.

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