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CDYNE PAV (Postal Address Verification) is a CASS Certified™ API that allows you to standardize, correct, and validate US and Canadian addresses in one step. Save time, money, and resources by verifying that addresses are deliverable before mailings or packages are sent out. PAV helps businesses ensure data quality for US and Canadian customers.


PAV API Operations

The operations below can be found in the PAV Specification Sheet. Click on the links below for detailed information.

VerifyAddress US & Canada OUTPUT
VerifyAddressAdvanced US & Canada OUTPUT
GetCityNamesForZipCode US OUTPUT
GetUrbanizationListForZipCode US OUTPUT
GetZipCodesForCityAndState US OUTPUT
GetCongressionalDistrictByZip US OUTPUT
GetIntelligentMailBarcode US OUTPUT
GetZipCodesWithinDistance US OUTPUT
GetZipCodesForFips US OUTPUT

Programming Language Examples

Service Endpoint Help Pages

PAV Documentation

Additional Resources

Return Codes

  • When GeoLocationInfo is set to "true" under the VerifyAddressAdvanced operation, the following time zone abbreviations could be returned:

- EST: Eastern Standard Time
- CST: Central Standard Time
- MST: Mountain Standard Time
- PST: Pacific Standard Time
- PST-1: Pacific Standard Time -1 hour (Alaska)
- PST-2: Pacific Standard Time -2 hours (Hawaii)
- EST+1: Eastern Standard Time +1 hour (Puerto Rico)


VerifyAddressAdvanced Operation

The VerifyAddressAdvanced optional return data is available for US addresses only. Setting the optional parameters to "true" when using Canadian address input will return null values.

Canadian Address Verification

When verifying a Canadian address, the API will only verify the city, state, and zip code.

Appending Canadian Zip Codes

The province name must be abbreviated in order for PAV to append a missing zip code to a verified Canadian address. The following are Canadian provinces/territories and their abbreviations.

  • Alberta: AB
  • British Columbia: BC
  • Manitoba: MB
  • New Brunswick: NB
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: NL
  • Northwest Territories: NT
  • Nova Scotia: NS
  • Nunavut: NU
  • Ontario: ON
  • Prince Edward Island: PE
  • Québec: QC
  • Saskatchewan: SK
  • Yukon: YT


Frequently asked questions about CDYNE PAV API.


Free Trial License Keys

  • CDYNE offers trial license keys for all Web Services so that you may test the APIs for free.
  • Trial keys do not expire, and are limited to approximately 50 transactions.
  • Normal processing time for trial key requests during normal business hours (M-F, 9-6 eastern) typically ranges from ten minutes to two hours.
  • Sign up here for a free trial PAV license key.

Production (Account) License Keys

  • Sign up here for a production PAV license key.
  • Upon registration, your account will be suspended for verification by default.
  • The account verification process takes less than one business day to complete for account activation.
  • You may call 1-800-984-3710 to expedite the verification process over the phone.