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The SimpleSMSSend method is ideal for sending out single, basic notifications. Use this method to connect to a bank of shared phone numbers to send [MT] messages and receive responses from those messages. [MO] messaging requires the use of a [DID] and the AdvancedSMSSend method.


Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
Phone Number: Input phone number to send SMS text to. String 17575449510
LicenseKey: Required to authenticate users invoking this Web Service.

Trial Key. Production Key.

Guid F01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591
Message: Message to send to phone number String This is a sample message from SMS Notify!


Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
MessageID: Returns unique Guid ID for every SMS message sent. Guid B01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591
Queued: Returns true or false if the SMS message has been queued. Boolean True
ReferenceID: A unique ID that can be set using the AdvancedSMSSend method. String
SMSError: Returns a string indicating if there was an error sending the SMS message.
  • NoError
  • STOPfromPhoneNumber
  • LicenseKeyInvalid
  • PhoneNumberInvalid
  • MessageInvalid
  • ScheduledDateTimeIsNotUTC
  • InvalidAssignedDID
  • NotFound (Occurs for Invalid MessageID)
  • InternalError
  • ContactCdyneAccountSuspended
String NoError
SMSIncomingMessages: Returns true or false if replies can be received. Boolean True
Sent: Returns true or false if the SMS message has been sent to the carrier. Boolean False
SentDateTime: Returns the UTC Date and Time of when the message was sent. Datetime 0001-01-01T00:00:00


Preferred Phone Number Format

CDYNE SMS Notify! API coverage is worldwide. View CDYNE SMS International coverage PDF by region, country, and network name.


  • 1 + NPA + NXX + XXXX
  • 1 + (Area Code) + Number
  • Example: (1 + 757 + 544 + 9510) = 17575449510


  • 0 + 11 + Country Code + Phone number