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The following example was built using PHP 5.3.2. Your setup may differ, so please assure that your PHP 5.x version supports the SOAPClient class.


  • Send a single message to a single number.


// Create a new soap client based on the SMS Notify! WCF service $client = new SoapClient('');

// Specify required info to send a text message $param = array( 'PhoneNumber' => '7891234567', 'LicenseKey' => '(your license key here)', 'Message' => 'test' );

// Send the text message $result = $client->SimpleSMSsend($param);

// View the response from CDYNE print_r($result);



  • Send different messages to different numbers with one method.


$client = new SoapClient('');

$lk = '(your license key here)';

$PhoneNumbersArray1 = array('0123456789', '4567891230'); $PhoneNumbersArray2 = array('1234567890', '7652212120');

$Message1 = 'Hello World'; $Message2 = 'Goodbye World';

$RequestArray = array( array( 'AssignedDID'=>,

                                     //If you have a Dedicated Line, you would assign it here.

'Message'=>$Message1, 'PhoneNumbers'=>$PhoneNumbersArray1, 'ReferenceID'=>,

                                     //User defined reference, set a reference and use it with other SMS functions.


                                     //This must be a UTC time.  Only Necessary if you want the message to send at a later time.


                                     //Your Post Back URL for responses.

) ,array( 'AssignedDID'=>, 'Message'=>$Message2, 'PhoneNumbers'=>$PhoneNumbersArray2, 'ReferenceID'=>, 'ScheduledDateTime'=>'2010-05-06T16:06:00Z', 'StatusPostBackURL'=> ) );

$request = new AdvancedCallRequestData($lk,$RequestArray); //print_r($request);

$result = $client->AdvancedSMSsend($request); print_r($result);

class AdvancedCallRequestData {

 public $AdvancedRequest;
 function AdvancedCallRequestData($licensekey,$requests) { 
           $this->AdvancedRequest = array();
           $this->AdvancedRequest['LicenseKey'] = $licensekey;
           $this->AdvancedRequest['SMSRequests'] = $requests;




  • Returns all Messages with a predefined user ReferenceID set in AdvancedSMSSend.


$client = new SoapClient('');

$param = array( 'ReferenceID' => '(your reference ID, set in AdvancedSMSSend)' ,'LicenseKey' => '(your license key)' );

$result = $client->GetMessageStatusByReferenceID($param);




  • Returns all unread SMSResponses attached to a single License Key and marks them as read.


$client = new SoapClient('');

$param = array( 'LicenseKey' => '(your license key)' );

$result = $client->GetUnreadIncomingMessages($param);




  • Returns the status of a single SMS message using the Message ID from the SMSResponse object.


$client = new SoapClient('');

$param = array( 'MessageID' => '(your message ID here)'//MessageID from SMSResponse Object );

$result = $client->GetMessageStatus($param);