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Send SMS Text Messages to any mobile telephone device without developing your own software, maintaining servers or paying for SMS Gateways.

General Information

SMS Notify! - Product Page.

Preferred Phone Number Format (USA/Canada)

  • 1 + NPA + NXX + XXXX
  • 1 + (Area Code) + Number


  • (1 + 757 + 544 + 9510) = 17575449510

SMS Notify will automatically clean up US numbers. You could send something like (757) 544-9510x1 and it would send an SMS to 17575449510.

Preferred Phone Number Format (International)

  • 0 + 11 + Country Code + Phone number

CDYNE SMS International coverage PDF

Dedicated Long Numbers

There are two options when ordering dedicated long numbers:

  • A randomly generated number - 1 business day
  • Area code specific number - 7 to 10 business days. There is a 5 number minimum when ordering area code specific numbers.

Pricing for dedicated long numbers is $5.00 per month per assigned number.

Please call 1-800-984-3710, inquire or initiate a chat to order a dedicated long number for SMS messaging.

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All Volume Customers

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Response Messaging: Is charged the normal transaction rate.

Developer/Tester Information

SMS Notify! 2.0 Specification Sheet

SMS Notify! 2.0 API - WCF/SOAP/REST Service

Simple Test

Simply change the 17575449510 to your cell phone number to get a test message.


Calling via REST (POST/GET)

WCF Help page: REST Help Page

Postback Responses

These are only sent to the server you specify in the Postback variables - (Example:

SMS and Special Characters

SMS Notify! supports most special characters, however, there are certain characters which most phones have trouble receiving. Most American and European phones don't support Unicode and thus will not correctly receive messages with certain characters. The following characters can only be received on phones that support Unicode:

Character Description
[ left square bracket
\ back slash
] right square bracket
^ caret
` grave accent
{ left curly brace
| pipe or vertical bar
} right curly brace
~ tilde
DEL Delete


Please review the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), which can be found at the following link(s):

Telemarketing Policy

47 U.S.C. §227

This act outlines prohibition for text calls, including SMS messages sent to wireless phone numbers. While it might be argued that the SMPP protocol is not an automatic telephone dialing system, this is still a legal gray area. The intent of the TCPA was to make sure that consumers expressly consent to automated calls or messages sent to wireless devices given that consumers may be charged to receive such calls or messages. The key again is the notion of “express written consent”, which, in the case of text messaging, means some sort of opt-in proof.