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The CDYNE Phone Notify! API is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service designed to enable any business application to implement phone numbers, voice calls, conference calls, or send and receive up to 6,000 tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both.

CDYNE's Phone Notify! API delivers clear voice calls over its owned network of geographically dispersed server farms.


Technical Specs

Phone Notify! Field Descriptions - This will list the Field Descriptions for Phone Notify! Commands.
Queue ID Status Codes - List of possible call results.

Advanced Scripting (TextToSay)


Phone Notify! API Methods

Source Code Examples

Download Original Phone Notify! Web Service Code Examples


Sample Applications

CDYNE Phone Notify! Application - Open Source C# application using Phone Notify!
CDYNE Command Line Notify - A very small .exe application that can send a Notify via the Command Line.

Easy to use 'Phone Notify!' Website examples - Send mass notifications using this web application. utilizes the CDYNE Phone Notify! Web Service to create managed lists by inputting and importing, create a message by voice prompt or by text-to-speech. Send mass phone calls immediately or schedule them. Real-time reports include machine vs. human answering, duration of call, digits pressed, and answered/unanswered calls. Use your CDYNE login/pw for to access this site.


Free Trial License Keys

CDYNE offers trial license keys for all Web Services so that you may test the APIs for free. Trial keys do not expire, and are limited to approximately 50 transactions. Normal processing time for trial key requests during normal business hours (M-F, 9-6 eastern) typically ranges from ten minutes to two hours.

CDYNE Phone Notify! API trial keys do require a short verification process due to FTC and FCC regulations regarding automated phone calls. At all times, phone calls sent from CDYNE Phone Notify! API must be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

Please include the following items in the trial request form for expedited processing:

  • What the services will be used for?
  • Who are the phone call recipients (customers, employees, etc)?
  • What is the content of the message (marketing, notification, etc)?
  • Do the recipients opt-in to receive phone calls? If so, how?

Production (Account) License Keys

Sign up here for a production Phone Notify! license key.

Upon registration, your account will be suspended for verification. This is due to FTC and FCC regulations regarding automated phone calls. At all times, phone calls sent from CDYNE Phone Notify! API must be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

You may call 1-800-984-3710 to expedite the verification process over the phone.



International Pricing - Calls outside of the U.S and Canada incur extra charges based on carrier, as seen in this Excel doc.

Transaction Billing - Detailed description on how transactions are incurred per phone call.

Pricing for all CDYNE Web Services is based off a set monthly maintenance fee and a per-transaction fee. CDYNE does not require a contract and there are absolutely no start-up or cancellation fees. CDYNE services are post-pay. Your credit card will not be charged until one month from sign-up date and will be billed monthly thereafter unless you deactivate or cancel services. Net 30 billing is available upon application approval.


Preferred Phone Number Format (USA/Canada)

  • 1 + NPA + NXX + XXXX
  • 1 + (Area Code) + Number


  • (1 + 757 + 544 + 9510) = 17575449510

Preferred Phone Number Format (International)

  • 0 + 11 + Country Code + Phone number

CDYNE Phone Notify! API coverage is worldwide. View CDYNE International coverage Excel Spreadsheet.

Calls outside of the U.S and Canada incur extra charges based on carrier

IP Ranges


Reverse Notify / Replay Line

You can now use 1-866-665-4386 as your Caller ID and the system will allow "Reverse Notifications". This will allow users who missed a call to ring back this number and get the last message they missed. Keep in mind that this doesn't work for Phone Notify! demos; also keep in mind that this counts as 1 transaction. You must have a license key to use Reverse Notify (transferring does not currently work with this feature. We do plan on offering it in the near future).


  • Enable your clients to listen to something they might have missed in the original notification.
  • Inform the type of person who just calls back and never checks voicemail. (Great for collection efforts)
  • Increase promotion ability and revenue for resellers of CDYNE Phone Notify!.

Incoming Calls / Phone Numbers

CDYNE Phone Notify! also supports incoming call scripts. Please send us a request or call (1-800-984-3710) to get incoming phone numbers that run CDYNE Call Scripts. We provide toll-free and local numbers only by request and it takes approximately 5-7 business days.

Operation used to set Incoming Call Script

Incoming Phone Number Pricing: CDYNE charges a $5 maintenance fee per number per month for each number set up. All incoming numbers are subject to the same per transaction pricing as outbound calls.

Beta Incoming Number Operation(s)
Get Available Area Codes List all area codes available to claim from the CDYNE database of available phone numbers.
Get Available Incoming Numbers List phone numbers available to claim from CDYNE.
Assign an Incoming Phone Number Assign an available phone number to a license key. This will automatically charge your account $5 per month per phone number set up.


CDYNE does offer Phone Notify! API HTTPS URLs for added security.

CDYNE currently maintains 3 major server farms, bringing added redundancy to our networks and additional capacity. CDYNE's data centers are engineered with multiple levels of security, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), redundant HVAC systems, and fire suppression, as well as 24 X 7 monitoring and management. They are protected by 24 hour surveillance with a HID security badge and biometric hand scanners. All server racks have locks on them. CDYNE never mines or sell information that crosses our servers or systems.

100% SLA

Because availability is important for your mission-critical environment, CDYNE's Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect our clients against unscheduled outages. As the leader in the Web Services industry, CDYNE is the only provider with such an uncompromising SLA, guaranteeing zero downtime of the services you rely on. The SLA provides unsurpassed levels of availability with correspondingly aggressive penalties for failure to comply with the SLA. This 100% uptime assurance is a direct result of CDYNE's relentless pursuit of service excellence.