PAV International Return Codes

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RESCODE and OUTPUT STATUS are default returns when an address is verified through PAV-I. The chart below shows the common combinations of the two return codes and the narrowed down description for the output address.

RESCODE OUTPUT STATUS DETAILS Example Address Input Example Address Output
0 Internal Error Occurred (Contact CDYNE)
1 V Address was successfully matched or parsed and has been verified mailable with no change Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, 00186 Roma, Italy Via Del Governo Vecchio 114, 00186 Roma, Italy
1 C Address was successfully matched or parsed and has been corrected to match reference data. Lenorman 89 Athens 10441 Greece Lenorman 89, 104 41 Athina, Greece
1 P Address was successfully parsed but there is no matching reference data. Ibn Batuta Street Dhahran 34257 Saudi Arabia Ibn Batuta St, Dhahran 34257, Saudi Arabia
2 N There were no hits found and address was not matched or parsed. (This is also returned if an attempt is made to verify an unsupported country.) BP 180 Baie Mahault F-97122 Guadeloupe PO Box 180, Baie Mahault F, 97122, Guadeloupe
3 P Insufficient input details (Too many possible matches) 612-140 Banpo-Dong,,Seoul,,KOR 612-140 Seoul,Banpo-Dong
4 Ambiguous result (Many possible address results)