PAV International Return Codes

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RESCODE OUTPUT STATUS DETAILS Example Address Input Example Address Output
0 Internal Error Occurred (Contact CDYNE)
1 V Address was successfully matched or parsed and has been verified mailable with no change Rose House 51-59 Circular Road Isle of Man IM1 1AZ United Kingdom Rose House, 51-59 Circular Road, Douglas, Isle Of Man, IM1 1AZ, United Kingdom
1 C Address was successfully matched or parsed and has been corrected to match reference data. Lenorman 89 Athens 10441 Greece Lenorman 89, 104 41 Athina, Greece
1 P Address was successfully parsed but there is no matching reference data. Ibn Batuta Street Dhahran 34257 Saudi Arabia Ibn Batuta St, Dhahran 34257, Saudi Arabia
2 N There were no hits found and address was not matched or parsed. (This is also returned if an attempt is made to verify an unsupported country.) BP 180 Baie Mahault F-97122 Guadeloupe PO Box 180, Baie Mahault F, 97122, Guadeloupe
3 P Insufficient input details (Too many possible matches) 612-140 Banpo-Dong,,Seoul,,KOR 612-140 Seoul,Banpo-Dong
4 Ambiguous result (Many possible address results)