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== GetMessageStatusByReferenceID Code Examples ==
=== VB.NET ===
=== VB.NET ===

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This method returns all messages with a predefined user ReferenceID set in AdvancedSMSSend method.

GetMessageStatusByReferenceID Request

Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
ReferenceID: Input unique ID that can be set with the AdvancedSMSSend method. String CDYNE Test

GetMessageStatusByReferenceID Response

Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
MessageID: Returns unique Guid ID for every SMS message sent. Guid B01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591
Queued: Returns true or false if the SMS message has been queued. Boolean True
ReferenceID: Returns a unique ID that is assigned during request input. (Not a required Input) String CDYNE Test
SMSError: Returns a string indicating if there was an error sending the SMS message.
  • NoError
  • STOPfromPhoneNumber
  • LicenseKeyInvalid
  • PhoneNumberInvalid
  • MessageInvalid
  • ScheduledDateTimeIsNotUTC
  • InvalidAssignedDID
  • NotFound (Occurs for Invalid MessageID)
  • InternalError
  • ContactCdyneAccountSuspended
String NoError
SMSIncomingMessages: Returns an array of type SMSIncomingMessage SMSIncomingMessage[] See Table Below
Sent: Returns true or false if the SMS message has been sent to the carrier. Boolean False
SentDateTime: Returns the UTC Date and Time of when the message was sent. Datetime 0001-01-01T00:00:00

SMSIncomingMessage Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
FromPhoneNumber: Returns the phone number that sent this incoming message. String 17575449510
IncomingMessageID: Returns a unique Guid ID for this incoming message. Guid 1835fecd-8402-4b02-91a4-5f4f9e036fe6
MatchedMessageID: Returns a unique Guid ID that matches the outgoing MessageID that this message is in response to. Guid B01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591
Message: Returns the content of the incoming message. String Ok.
ResponseReceiveDate: Returns the UTC Date and Time of when the message was received. DateTime 0001-01-01T00:00:00
ToPhoneNumber: Returns the destination phone number of this incoming message. String 17577698337

XML Response

HTTP Method: GET

The following is an example response Xml body:

    <ReferenceID>String content</ReferenceID>
        <FromPhoneNumber>String content</FromPhoneNumber>
        <Message>String content</Message>
        <ToPhoneNumber>String content</ToPhoneNumber>
        <FromPhoneNumber>String content</FromPhoneNumber>
        <Message>String content</Message>
        <ToPhoneNumber>String content</ToPhoneNumber>

Json Response

HTTP Method: GET

The following is an example response Json body:

	"ReferenceID":"String content",
		"FromPhoneNumber":"String content",
		"Message":"String content",
		"ToPhoneNumber":"String content"

GetMessageStatusByReferenceID Code Examples


Imports GetMessageStatusByReferenceID.WSDL Module Module1

Sub Main()
Dim client As New GetMessageStatusByReferenceID.WSDL.IsmsClient("sms2wsHttpBinding")
Dim resp As GetMessageStatusByReferenceID.WSDL.SMSResponse() = client.GetMessageStatusByReferenceID("123456", New Guid("YOUR LICENSE KEY"))
For Each item In resp
Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToString(item.MessageID) & " " & Convert.ToString(item.SentDateTime) & " " & Convert.ToString(item.SMSError))
End Sub

End Module



$client = new SoapClient('http://sms2.cdyne.com/sms.svc?wsdl');

$param = array( 'ReferenceID' => '(your reference ID, set in AdvancedSMSSend)' ,'LicenseKey' => '(your license key)' );

$result = $client->GetMessageStatusByReferenceID($param);