DID System Keywords

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If a user texts the following keywords to your DID, SMS Notify! API will automatically respond to the recipient with a system message.


System Response:"Business Name"-SMS Notifications.Txt STOP to end.Msg&Data Rates may apply."Business point of contact."

  • The default business name is the name used to sign up for the SMS Notify! account. This may be updated by contacting CDYNE.
  • The business point of contact is two forms of contact including any combination of phone number, email, or website.
  • The HELP response for DIDs are at the account level. This cannot be customized.


System Response:This provider is now blocked. Text back RESUME to unblock your number.

  • SMS Notify! API will block the recipient’s number from receiving messages until the recipient sends RESUME.
  • CDYNE will log the recipient STOP request including the the license key, sending DID, and recipient's phone number.
  • The STOP response occurs at the license key level. SMS Notify! will only block messages from that same license key to the recipient's phone number.
  • Other license keys may send to the recipient's phone number.


This will allow SMS Notify! to send messages to a recipient who previously sent a STOP command.

License Key With Assigned DIDs

  • The recipient can reply RESUME to any DID assigned to the license key that logged the original STOP request.

License Key Without Assigned DIDs

  • The recipient must reply RESUME to the original DID assigned to the license key that logged the original STOP request.