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Playing Text To Speech (Computer generated voice):

No Special command required. Just type the text to say.


Hello John Doe, your account is past due.  Please call Jerry at 757-555-5555 to settle your account.

Playing a sound file

~^soundid~ - Replace soundid with the name of your sound file.


Mixing sound files with Text To Speech:

~^intro~ John Doe ~^end~

TextToSay Advanced Commands




  • Label(TestLbl) - sets a label
  • GoTo(TestLbl) - goto a label in the dialplan (This example would go to Testlbl)
  • AssignDTMF(1|TestLabel) - Assigns 1 to go to TestLbl (Note: 1 defaults to repeat msg.) - This can change anytime in the dialplan
  • TransferTo(17575551000) - This transfers the number to 757-555-1000
  • Beep() - A standard Beep tone. Usually used right before a Record command.
  • RecordAndSaveAs(MySoundID) - Records the Wave file and saves it as the Sound ID
  • WaitForDTMF(5) - This function waits 5 seconds for a DTMF Command - this differs from getdigits as it only accepts one dtmf tone.
  • ClearDTMF() - This function clears out DTMF commands.
  • PlaySpecialSoundFile(xxxx) - This function is internal to CDYNE and allows us to play system sound files.
  • DialDTMF(xxx) - Numbers to Dial with DTMF.
  • WaitForSilence(xxx) - waits for silence that lasts xxx number of seconds. (Up to a 10 second wait.)
  • EndCall() - Ends the call immediately.
  • ActOnFeature(false) - This will turn off AMD (Answering Machine Detection), Fax, and Ring Detection. This is useful when you do not wish the message to restart when these tones are detected.
  • ActOnDigitPress(false) - This turns off Message Interruption for digit commands (such as 1 for repeat). This is useful for a message that says Enter your zip code and doesn't jump around in the Dial Plan when the digits are pressed.

These functions will be in our January Release

  • GetDigits(TestVar|5) - Returns the digits in the variable specified. Also waits 5 seconds for digits. Then continues to the next command.
  • QueryExternalServer(URL|TestVar) - This allows you to query your own server and return a Variable to use in the dialplan.
  • GotoIf(TestVar|true|TestLbl) - This will allow you to goto a Label based off a variable.


Recording a sound file

Our Record Sound ID Sample.  The PlaySpecialSoundFile functions are internal to CDYNE.  You may use the same sounds if you wish. 
The Sound ID


Variables can only be used in the Commands above. The text to speech is converted before the call is made and therefore cannot use variables. We plan on adding a PlayDigits function that will allow you to playback a Variables contents to a caller.


  • The only function that currently uses variables is QueryExternalServer in the URL field.

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