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Contacting CDYNE

General Inquiries and Assistance

800-984-3710 (toll free) 757-544-9510 (main line) 757-544-9511 (fax)

contact us via webform

Mailing Address

CDYNE Corporation 505 Independence Pkwy Ste 300 Chesapeake, VA 23320

Service Level Agreement

Because availability is important for your mission-critical environment, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect our clients against unscheduled outages. As the leader in the Web services industry, we are the only provider with such an uncompromising SLA, guaranteeing zero downtime of the services you rely on. The SLA provides unsurpassed levels of availability with correspondingly aggressive penalties for failure to comply with the SLA. This 100% uptime assurance is a direct result of CDYNE's relentless pursuit of service excellence. The offering sits right where service excellence meets the bottom line.



CDYNE Corporation develops, markets and supports a comprehensive suite of data enhancement, data quality and data analysis Web services and business intelligence integration. These Web services are ideal for enterprise database systems: home-grown applications in the E-commerce, Telecommunications, Sales/Marketing, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Health care, and Banking/Finance Industries across the United States. CDYNE A leading provider of Services & Solutions for business intelligence, data cleansing, and standards-based integration in Internet/Intranet software applications. Addionly an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Our Web services' allow organizations to make more informed intelligent decisions; as well as drive bottom-line sales and marketing efforts that ultimately lead to the more efficient use of corporate resources. CDYNE delivers the lowest cost of ownership, swift uptime results, consistent enterprise data and high-performance Web services' that "works" the way 'we think. CDYNE Technologies are built on proven XML-based information services that dynamically deliver value-added information at the point of consumer interaction. A Captured "real-time service" for the ultimate in data delivery and integration efficiency. With end-to-end, fully integrated data movement, access and analysis capabilities on any database platform, it is capable of operating in standalone/custom applications websites or CRM/ERP solutions. As a result, our Web Service Technologies enables organizations to significantly improve customer satisfaction, minimize service costs, and increase revenue. CDYNE’s principle offices are located in Chesapeake, Virginia. This facility serves as an administration and redundant server site facility. Our solutions are delivered utilizing state-of-the-art software and hardware architecture operating in 24x7 computing facilities.