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The Reseller Web Service allow you to add a license key via a Web service, Enable and Disable Keys, and more.

Sign up for a License Key

Business Customers

Sign up here - Create or sign in with your account. Select 'Manage Services', Under 'Available Services' is 'Reseller Interface'. Press 'Activate Key'. Use that key in your development/gadgets. All 'Web service' pricing is set under your master reseller key. Inquireor call 757-544-9510 for volume discounts.

Reselling CDYNE SMS Notify! and 3rd Party Marketing Applications

Due to the ambiguous nature of the opt-ins that occur for clients of a reseller, we are unable to approve reseller accounts unless there is an explicit and verifiable opt-in that occurs for all customers through one portal or application. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please see RESPONSIBLE USE OF SMS NOTIFY! API for more information.


This SOAP Web Service is provided free of charge.

Example: You only pay 1 monthly service fee even though you have 20 License Keys for a particular service. All License key transactions are tallied up into one invoice at the end of each billing period.

Developer/Tester Information

Testing URL

Basic Operations

GetNewKeyForService - Enter 'ProductGroupID', 'KeyALIAS' (not required), and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to generate a new License Key for a customer, this key is unlimited)

GetNewKeyForServiceWithTransLimit - Enter 'ProductGroupID', 'KeyALIAS' (not required),'ResellerLicenseKey', and 'TransactionLimit'. (Used to generate a new License Key for a customer with a transaction limit, customer cannot go past limit)

DisableKeyForService - Enter 'LicenseKeyToDisable' and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to disable a particular key)

ReEnableKeyForService - Enter 'LicenseKeyToEnable' and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to Reenable a particular disabled key)

GetTransactionCountForLicenseKey - Enter 'LicenseKey', 'StartDate', and 'EndDate'. (Used to generate reports on Transactions for a particular key)

Product Group ID's

Web Service Keys

56 Phone Notify!

227 SMS Notify! with upgraded pricing

168 SMS Notify! with original pricing

58 CDYNE 411

173 Postal Address Verification

26 Demographics

17 Phone Verification

100 Email Verification

16 IP2Geo

Deprecated Keys

53 SMS Notify! Deprecated

232 LabtechSMS Notify!

11 Postal Address Verification Deprecated