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The Reseller Web Service allow you to add a license key via a Web service, Enable and Disable Keys, and more.

Sign up for a License Key

Business Customers

Sign up here - Create or sign in with your account. Select 'Manage Services', Under 'Available Services' is 'Reseller Interface'. Press 'Activate Key'. Use that key in your development/gadgets. All 'Web service' pricing is set under your master reseller key. Inquireor call 757-544-9510 for volume discounts.


This Web service is provided free of charge.

Developer/Tester Information

Testing URL

Basic Operations

GetNewKeyForService - Enter 'ProductGroupID', 'KeyALIAS' (not required), and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to generate a new License Key for a customer)

DisableKeyForService - Enter 'LicenseKeyToDisable' and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to disable a paticular key)

ReEnableKeyForService - Enter 'LicenseKeyToEnable' and 'ResellerLicenseKey'. (Used to Reenable a paticular disabled key)

GetTransactionCountForLicenseKey - Enter 'LicenseKey', 'StartDate', and 'EndDate'. (Used to generate reports on Transactions for a paticular key)

Product Group ID's

25 Phone Notify!

11 Postal Address Verification

26 Demographics

17 Phone Verification

13 Email Verification

21 Death Index

16 IP2Geo