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By simply going to a link, you can send a phone call. Remember to edit the parameters in the 'URL Link' to send a test phone call to your phone number. (PhoneNumberToDial) Some functions do not work unless you enter a valid LicenseKey.


PhoneNumberToDial= Enter phone number to call here. - Example: '17575449515'

TextToSay= Enter Text to Speech here or use advanced commands to send wav files and more. - Example: 'Hello%20from%20c%20dyne' (Because URL links do not accept spaces, you must use '%20' in place of the space)

CallerID= Enter Phone Number you want to show up on the CallerID. - Example '1866654386'

CallerIDname= Enter Name to show up on landline phones CallerID. (does not work with cell phones) - Example: 'Bob%20Jones'

LicenseKey= Enter a valid LicenseKey after signing up for the Phone Notify! service. (The call will be sent, but TextToSay and CallerID will not function if you do not use a valid license key)