SMSv1 Status Codes - Obsolete

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Send SMS Text Messages to your mobile telephone devices without the use developing your own software! Send custom alert messages to your valued customers without paying a dime on expensive hardware, and software.

SMS Field Descriptions

  • Phone Number :(Basic) The number you want to send an SMS Message.
  • Message :(Basic) The Message (160 per single Message) to send to the Phone Number
  • Licensekey :(Basic) A unique identification code that was created to use this service
  • ScheduledTime :(Advanced) The time you wish to send this SMS message.
  • Response :(Advanced) A Boolean (True/False) on Whether you would like to recieve a
  • ResponsePostURL :(Advanced) This sends a POST to your server as soon as a Text Message was *finished sending, and when a response text message from the reciever was sent to our servers. - Leave this blank unless you need this feature.

Status Codes

  • 1 Queued
  • 2 Trying to Send SMS
  • 3 Invalid Number
  • 5 Successful
  • 6 Responded
  • 7 Cancelled
  • 8 SMS Abuse
  • 9 Scheduled Time is not a UTC date/time
  • 10 Demo allowance exceeded.
  • 11 Demo not allowed
  • 12 Universal Error
  • 13 Invalid License key
  • 14 Unknown Error