SMS or MMS and Invalid Phone Numbers

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CDYNE’s SMS Notify! SMS Gateway API will automatically clean up certain errors for U.S. and Canadian phone numbers. For example, if you were to send a message to “7575449510e,” the API would take out the “e” and send the message to 7575449510. In this example, SMS Notify! API would return a parameter of “NoError” and continue to send the message to the cleaned up phone number.

While the SMS Notify! text message API will clean errors such as extra digits and/or letters, it will not clean numbers if it has been entered incorrectly and is still a valid number. For example if you wanted to send a notification to 7575449510, but instead you had the number as 7575449501 within your script, the message would be sent to 7575449501 as it is a valid number.

CDYNE SMS Notify! API does not do a phone verification check on phone numbers, and it will send all valid numbers out. One work around is to run your phone list through CDYNE Phone Verification API which will return whether a phone number is a landline or cell number. CDYNE Phone Verification API is a cost effective way to distinguish between a landline and cellular or even fake phone number.