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CDYNE is no longer maintaining this product. You can use it at your own risk.


CDYNE's FREE Profanity Filter API is a simple, but elegant way to remove words that are considered profanity to keep professionalism in online web-based applications using XML Web Services. The Profanity Filter API takes advantage of the programming language that is used to manipulate strings in various ways and swaps the inappropriate words with a range of text options. This is a great way to keep profanity low in online message boards, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and shout-boxes.


Developer/Tester Information

For performance reasons, the default character limit is 10,000 for each Web Service call

How CDYNE Profanity Filter Web Service Works

The CDYNE Profanity Filter API incorporates a variation engine based on a database or words that 'intensifies' the search for profanity in various ways. We also incorporate phonetics and a unique character filter to find the best matches possible. Profanity Filters are not a perfect science. If you do see a problem with this Web Service, please contact us and let us know.

Example swear word cleansings: crap - cr@p - c.r.a.p - c rap - c-r.a_p


You can incorporate your own words, so if we missed a word that you consider to be profanity, you can add it to your 'own' list. You can also use that database with our database or words, or make it separate.

To be able to manage your own list or database of words via this Web Service, you'll need to sign up at our registration page available here! Select Net 30 and do not sign up for other Web Services or you will be charged.

Don't worry about the costs, our Profanity Web Service is absolutely free! We consider it cost of advertising, please feel free to check out our corporate XML Web Services at