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Available Voices

Voice ID Name Language Gender Age Provider
0 Diane US English Female 35 Cepstral
1 David US English Male 30 Cepstral
2 William US English Male 30 Cepstral
3 Emily US English Female 30 Cepstral
4 Callie US English Female 30 Cepstral
5 Lawrence UK English Male 55 Cepstral
6 Millie UK English Female 45 Cepstral
7 Isabelle Canadian French Female 30 Cepstral
8 Katrin German Female 35 Cepstral
10 Vittoria Italian Female 30 Cepstral
15 Jean-Pierre Canadian French Male 30 Cepstral
16 Allison US English Female 28 Cepstral
17 Miguel Americas Spanish Male 30 Cepstral
18 Matthias German Male 30 Cepstral
19 Ashley US English Female 30 NeoSpeech *
20 James US English Male 30 NeoSpeech *
23 Violeta Mexican Spanish Female 30 NeoSpeech *
24 Francisco Mexican Spanish Male 30 NeoSpeech *

* When using NeoSpeech voices, the following methods are unavailable: GetTTSInMP3 and GetTTSInULAW

Voice Demos



Change Voice

Please note, when changing voices during a call, you can only change to voices from the same provider.

Example, you can change from David to Callie or James to Ashley, but you cannot change from Callie to James or Ashley.

<voice name="David">This is David.</voice> This is the default again. <voice name="Callie">Callie here.</voice>

<voice name="James">This is James.</voice> <voice name="Ashley">Ashley here.</voice>