Phone Notify! Field Descriptions

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  • PhoneNumberToDial - This is the US/Canada Number to dial. It can be with or without the leading 1 and can have ()-. To dial an extension add "x" and then the extension to Dial.
  • TransferNumber - This is the number transferred to if they hit 0 (This is set by default and can be changed using the [Notify TextToSay Advanced Commands].)
  • VoiceID - This is a numeric VoiceID (Example: 0 for Diane). [Voices]
  • CallerIDNumber - Standard Number for Caller ID.
  • CallerIDName - The Name to send with the Caller ID.
  • TextToSay - This is the "Text to say". This can contain Notify TextToSay Commands.
  • LicenseKey - Use 0 for testing. Otherwise it is your CDYNE LicenseKey.
  • TryCount - The number of times to try the call. This doesn't cost extra. We suggest a maximum of 5.
  • NextTryInSeconds - This will try the call in the number of seconds specified. We suggest something over 60 seconds.
  • UTCScheduledDateTime - This will allow you to schedule a call in the future. It goes by UTC Time, so be sure to send the time as UTC. (in .net use DateTime.UtcNow).
  • TTSrate - A value from 0 to 20 (10 being Normal). This is the speed of the Text To Speech.
  • TTSvolume - A value from 0 to 100 (100 is the default level). The Volume of the Text To Speech.
  • MaxCallLength - This sets the Maximum Call Length. We suggest you do not change this unless you absolutely need to.
  • StatusChangePostURL - This sends a POST to your server as soon as a call completes. [More Info] - Leave this blank unless you need this feature.
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