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Playing Text To Speech (Computer generated voice):

No Special command required. Just type the text to say.


Hello John Doe, your account is past due.  Please call Jerry at 757-555-5555 to settle your account.

Playing a sound file

Uploading wav files to your key is free with unlimited storage and can be done using this CDYNE Phone Notify! Application or this free operation.(2MB max per file, for best results use 16 bit PCM mono, please remove unused files)

~^soundid~ - Replace soundid with the name of your sound file.


Mixing sound files with Text To Speech:

~^intro~ John Doe ~^end~

TextToSay Advanced Commands



Advanced Commands

Phone Notify! TextToSay Advanced Commands - Lists the commands available.


Recording a sound file by phone

Recording Sound Files


Variables can only be used in the Commands above. The text to speech is converted before the call is made and therefore cannot use variables. We plan on adding a PlayDigits function that will allow you to playback a Variables contents to a caller. Please note that all variables are converted to lowercase. Variables are truncated if they become over 500 characters (although you can have multiple 500 character Variables).



Special Variables

These are Variables assigned by the system during the phone call and can be used during the call.

  • phonenumber - The phone number that was dialed. For incoming calls it is the phone number the caller dialed.
  • queueid - The current queue number. (Incoming calls report this as 0).
  • callerid - The CallerID that was set. For incoming calls this is the CallerID of the caller.
  • calleridname - This is the CallerID name. Not currently set for incoming calls.
  • extension - Only set if an extension was used.
  • machinedetection - Can currently only be: HUMAN, MACHINE, or FAX. (keep in mind that this may change at anytime during the call since Answering Machine detection can happen at any time.)