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Welcome to the CDYNE Developers WIKI

Select an API below for source samples and documentation.

CDYNE APIs / Web Services (REST/SOAP)

  • Phone Notify! - Send and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world.
  • SMS Notify! - Send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world.
  • Postal Address Verification - Standardize, correct and verify U.S. and Canadian postal addresses.
  • Phone Verification - Identify cellular vs land line phones and the exchange they belong to.
  • IP2Geo - Turn IP addresses into close proximity Latitude and Longitude.
  • Demographics - Use the Census dataset to find zip+4 level house value, income, and more.

Developer Blog Series

Reseller API (SOAP)

Free APIs

Miscellaneous Tutorials / Unrelated Material

This section contains tutorials/programs that can help the Development/Network community as a whole.

Miscellaneous Tutorials and Programs