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Return Codes

List of all possible return codes when utilizing SMS Notify! MMS API methods.

Status Integer Value Description HTTP Equivalent
Hold 0 Message is on hold and will not be processed until set to "Ready". N/A
Sent 200 Message sent successfully. OK
Ready 201 Message is queued, ready to be processed. CREATED
Processing 202 Message is being processed by CDYNE. ACCEPTED
InvalidDID 400 The DID provided is invalid, wrong format, or it cannot send to the destination. BAD REQUEST
InvalidLicenseKey 401 The provided license key is invalid. UNAUTHORIZED
AccountSuspended 402 The account has been suspended. PAYMENT REQUIRED
StopOnPhonNumber 403 No messages can be sent to the destination phone number from the license key. FORBIDDEN
MissingDIDOrInvalidMessageID 404 Proper DID or Short Code could not be established or MessageID provided is invalid. NOT FOUND
InvalidDateTime 405 ScheduledDateTime not in UTC. METHOD NOT ALLOWED
InvalidDestination 406 Destination phone number invalid. METHOD NOT ALLOWED
NoMessage 411 No message body provided. LENGTH REQUIRED
MessageExceedsLimit 413 Message is too long. PAYLOAD TO LARGE
Failed 506 Message failed to submit to provider. N/A
Cancelled 507 Message cancelled. N/A
FailedByProvider 508 Message submitted to provider but failed by delivery receipt. N/A