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Below are the default fields that are posted to your URL when you receive an incoming call.

QueueID - Unique identifier CDYNE assigns to each call sent or received.

ResponseCode - CDYNE result code for the call Queue ID Status Codes

StartTime - Call start time in Universal Time (UTC)

EndTime - Call end time in Universal Time (UTC)

Duration - Length of call in seconds

incoming - Will show as true if the call was an incoming call

transfercallerid - The number shown on phone (if CallerID feature is supported) if a call is transferred

machinedetection - States whether the call was answered by a human or machine

digitsdialed - Displays any digits pressed during the call

extension - Extension of recipient dialed

lastrecordlength - Contains the duration (in seconds) for the call or portion of the call that was recorded

callerid - The number the recipient sees on their phone (if CallerID feature is supported) when the call is received

phonenumber - The number that received the call