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Flash Example


Simple Flash Web Service Tutorial

Using the CDYNE PhoneNotify web service


  • Download the complete Source Code for above file.
  • Easily adding a web reference to a flash project.


First, you have to own a copy of Flash MX Professional or Flash 8 Professional to use this methos to consume a web service with flash.

Define the WSDL Web Service

-Select Window > Other Panels > Web Services -click the world to define a new web service -click '+' to add a new service -copy and paste the the 'wsdl' url file for the web service you want to work with, like http://ws.cdyne.com/NotifyWS/PhoneNotify.asmx?wsdl -press the '+' button on the newly added service

This web service, as all web services, require us to give it some information before it will reply with what it has done with that information.

Find 'NotifyPhoneEnglishBasic' Right click on it and select 'Add Method Call' This adds a way for us to connect to that webservice from flash. (you will see a world with a plug appear on your stage, move it where ever you want, on or off the stage, it will not show up when the movie is played)

Create an Interface to send and recieve parameters to and from the web service you are connecting to

Make sure the Component Window is available ( window > components ) -drag and drop a textinput component onto your stage -in the parameters window, give the new TextInput component an Instance Name