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Today, you can add telephone area code + prefix verification and correction to your custom program, website or batch process using secure Internet technology.

The CDYNE Phone Verifier allows you to enhance telemarketing effectiveness and increase the integrity of your contact database by updating telephone area code + prefix combinations with the correct codes. The Phone Verifier Web service will also identify land line and cellular phone numbers instantly.

The Phone Verifier identifies the phone numbers in your list that have new area codes following a split and replaces incorrect area codes. The Phone Verifier will reduce data entry errors and provide the ability to verify any United States area code + prefix combination in Batch or Real-time mode. If the area code is incorrect or missing, Phone Verify can identify the error or supply a correct one, standardizing your phone numbers for consistency throughout your database. The Web service does not check the last 4 digits of the phone number.

All of CDYNE's Web services are built on XML standards and are delivered via a secure Internet connection. This real-time Web service dynamically delivers value-added information at the point of customer interaction or to the client database for true enterprise intelligence positively affecting the quality of resultant analytics, customer relationships and the bottom line.

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