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# Welcome to PCallAPhoneBasic powered by CDYNE 
# Written by Blake J. Wischer
# This program uses the CDYNE service to call the
# phone number entered and say the text entered
# Kelvin temperature units.
# Written: July 26, 2006.
# PCallAPhoneBasic falls under the GNU General Public License. 

print "Welcome to PCallAPhoneBasic powered by CDYNE\n";
print "\n";
print "PCallAPhoneBasic Version 1\n";
print "Copyright (C) 2006 Blake Wischer\n";
print "PCallAPhoneBasic comes with\n";
print "ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Licensed under\n";
print "The GNU General Public License version 2\n";
print "This is free software, and you are\n";
print "welcome to redistribute it under the\n";
print "conditions of the GNU GPL.\n";
print "\n";
print "Phone Number to Dial:\n";
$phonenumber = <STDIN>;
print "\n";
print "Text to Say:\n";
$text = <STDIN>;
print "\n"; 
print "License Key (Use 0 to Test):\n";
$license = <STDIN>;
use LWP::Simple;
$page = get "$phonenumber&TextToSay=$text&LicenseKey=$license";
print $page;
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