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10-digit SMS-enabled phone numbers used for low volume two-way text messaging. SMS Notify! API throttles MT messages at a rate of 1 per 2 seconds. Additionally, CDYNE recommends sending no more than 500 MT messages per DID per day. Short Codes are required for high volume needs.

MO (Mobile Originated)

A text message originated from a mobile device (incoming SMS).

MT (Mobile Terminated)

A text message that terminates on a mobile device (outgoing SMS).

Short Code

A short code is a special 5-6 digit number (e.g., 75195) that allows consumers to subscribe to mobile messaging campaigns. They are managed by a central issuing registrar in each country. Dedicated short codes can send up to 35 MT messages per second.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

The primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. Time zones around the world are expressed as positive or negative offsets from UTC, as in this list. For example, UTC is five hours ahead of Miami. So 4pm in Miami is 9pm in UTC time.

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